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Welcome to the site!

Hello, my name is Edvárd Juhász, the managing director of Radikal Film.

Like others, I started building the knowledge from the ground up that allows me to do my job in the most professional way. During my career in the early 90s, I touched on computer game program development as a graphic designer. This was followed by the first television series, where I had to bring digital interfaces and tutorials to the screen. Further expanding my knowledge so far, in the following years I worked on the post-production of hundreds of commercials as editor and graphic artist (video). I have been a member of Hello Hollywood (formerly With Love from Hollywood) from the beginning as editor, sound engineer and cinematographer. During the making of the show, I also worked several times in Los Angeles at the Golden Globe and Oscar events as an editor, editor, cinematographer and production manager.


Using the knowledge of domestic and international filmmakers, I would like to recommend the following areas that may be of interest to you:

  • Corporate image, PR and commercial (with headline, graphics, logo animation, etc ...)

  • Interviews, on-site reports, up to several speakers at once

  • Filming and recording events

  • Production of an educational film, supplemented with animated 2-3D graphic elements if required

  • Live online broadcast "streaming" with HD camera (facebook, youtube, etc ...) with individual microphones, sound mixer, lighting technology, or the same recording with post-production.

The above filmmaking areas are for information only, please feel free to contact us. Contact information can be found under the "contact" menu item.

Golden Globes 2018, The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles