Radikal Film

video and filmmaking

Whether your goal is to make a promo film, an interview, an image, a PR or a commercial, Radikal Film, with 25 years of experience in television commercials and program making, designs, shoots and finishes according to your needs using the right technical tools.

Filmmaking: We always use the right tools for the situation.

With the drastic development of smartphone cameras, anyone can make surprisingly high-quality video footage and embark on the path of filmmaking, but that can’t replace accessories that professionals use in addition to professional cameras. Good quality audio is at least as important a part of a professional video as the image itself, so we use microphones and audio recorders to suit the situation for the best quality.

Of course, the other accessories should not be neglected during filmmaking, starting with the right camera, camera tripod, lighting technology, and, if necessary, using a teleprompter, for example.

The same applies to post-production, where the latest software is used to cut, gloss (adjust the color correctness of the visual material, and visualize each film mood), mix sound (adjust music, narration, speech, filter), create graphic elements (title, 2-3D animations, name inserts, etc.), mastering (production of complete material into a medium according to use - television, internet, data carrier, etc.).

Even the best camera smartphone is still not enough to perform complex film tasks professionally, so we always use the right tools for the task to achieve the goal set by the film’s theme.

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